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Project Description
University assignment.
The task is to build an application that can perform basic CRUD operations on a property and use an arbitrary database.

Out of curiosity, I've chosen SQLite and made an attempt to write my own extremely simple ORM (not even deserving that name).

StoreManagement has three projects:

This is my attempt at abstracting SQLite into a more friendly API.
I might play with this in the future to make a LINQ provider of my own if I have the time. For now, an IEnumerable will have to do.

Persistent class and provider (bridge).

Windows.Forms application that provides UI for the basic CRUD operations.

I use VS 2010 (MSDNAA) and .NET 3.5 (because of the SQLite for .net is compiled with the 2.0 runtime). I also shamelessly use the oxygen icon theme. Used icons are available under the Creative Commons Share-Alike 3.0 license and are freely available from the VCS.

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