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Compiling StoreManagement from source

  • Make sure that you have visual studio 2010 installed (RTM). I guess msbuild will do as well, but if you know how to use it, you don't need instructions.
  • The only external dependency is the .net implementation of SQLite. It can be downloaded from the official web site - System.Data.SQLite. I am aware of the fact that they have a LINQ implementation, but I wanted to do my own data layer as an exercise (and part curiosity)
  • Do the usual stuff (Build->Build Solution)


The project is complied with 3.5, so only .net 3.5 is required.
There is something strange about CodePlex and its licensing. I couldn't remove the third clause of it. It is really stupid to require written permission for something so small and meaningless, IMNSHO.

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